Save lives with early detection,
unleash proactive care at scale

We are faced with a convergence of historically low patient engagement, increasing structural barriers to health and a shortage of accessible providers.

The Visión Platform

The first to market machine learning platform that accurately predicts concurrent multiple clinical endpoints and allows for the early identification of clinically vulnerable patients.

Early Detection (DPI)

Visión's Proprietary Disease Progression Index (DPI) measures a patient’s risk of disease progression and enables :

Early detection of most clinically vulnerable patients

Evaluation of modifiable risk factors driving patient risk predictions

Identifying optimal care plans by applying causal modelling

Our Models

The Visión platform covers the most prevalent chronic diseases

Clinical Endpoint Library

Detection of the clinically vulnerable

Heart Disease

20% of all US deaths are attributable to heart disease. Heart disease costs the US about $240B each year

Diabetic Progression & Complications

37M Americans are diabetic, and 96M are prediabetic. Diabetes damages the heart, kidneys, vision, limbs, and nerves

Chronic Kidney Disease 

Over 1 in 7 American adults have CKD. 90% of Americans with CKD do not know they have it

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

16M Americans have been diagnosed with COPD. COPD costs the the US approximately $50B each year

Critical Care Patient Deterioration

Anticipating deterioration to provide early treatment strategies before decompensation

Visión Precision Health Platform

Actionable insights guided by nationally recognized clinicians and health system operators 

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