Protecting the most COVID-19 vulnerable individuals through science and data

In collaboration with Blue Shield of California, Cogitativo deployed a purpose-built machine learning solution to identify COVID-19 vulnerable individuals with high precision and granularity

Cogitativo's COVID-19 vulnerability algorithms, deployed during May, incorporate peer-reviewed medical literature (SARS, MERS, HKU1, COVID-19), actual patient care events related to H1N1, as well as COVID-19 hospitalizations to identify specific clinical comorbidities of COVID-19 risk.

The algorithms account for a broad array of attributes related to Social Determinants of Health, individual patient medical engagement levels (patients with significant clinical risk but with low medical system engagement), and patient-level propensity for obtaining vaccinations.

Cogitativo's solution enables a multi-dimensional view into various COVID-19 risk attributes at the individual, community, or risk cohort level. Notably, Cogitativo's scoring system will continue to evolve as more research data, clinical features, and social endpoints become available.

Current State: Benefits and Outcomes

For Blue Shield of California, Cogitativo's algorithms identified which of their 4.8M covered lives have significant vulnerability to the COVID-19 virus. This identification enabled the outreach and delivery of personalized care to their members with heightened needs during the pandemic. Blue Shield was able to reach tens of thousands of members with specific options and advice.

"Our goal is to protect your aunt, your uncle, your brother, or sister your family and friends from being hospitalized due to the COVID-19 virus, based on clinical conditions and structural barriers to healthcare," explained Gary Velasquez, Cogitativo CEO.

End State: Identification > Vaccination > Monitoring Outcomes

The next update of Cogitativo's COVID machine learning efforts includes developing predictive algorithms for COVID positivity based on Social Determinants of Health and predicting those at high risk for "long COVID"- people battling lasting illnesses and disabilities after clearing COVID-19 infection.

In addition to identifying and protecting vulnerable individuals, Cogitativo's COVID-19 solution can help employers plan Return to Work activities.

Cogitativo's solution can power-up governmental responses to the pandemic by providing actionable insights for:

  • Distributing COVID vaccine inventory
  • Prioritizing vaccination delivery
  • Monitoring for side effects
  • Tracking the effectiveness of these new therapeutics

Since its inception, Cogitativo and its client collaborators have deployed over 100 machine learning solutions that improve affordability and access to quality healthcare to more than 50 million Americans.

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